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Review: The Sky is Everywhere

Author: Jandy Nelson Rating: 4.3/5 Synopsis: Lennie’s sister, Bailey, dies suddenly, and she is launched suddenly into the limelight. With no older sister to hide behind, she finds herself caught in situations she could never have anticipated. As she struggles to cope with her sister’s absence, Lennie must figure out who she is alone, but with a…… Continue reading Review: The Sky is Everywhere

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Review: The Shepherd’s Crown

Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.0/5 Synopsis: When Granny Weatherwax, the most terrifying witch in all the Discworld dies, a hidden enemy stirs. Tiffany Aching, a young witch from the Chalk, is named as her heir and with that falls to her the responsibility of protecting the Discworld, but will Granny’s boots prove too big to fill? The Shepherd’s Crown…… Continue reading Review: The Shepherd’s Crown